Welcome to WFAEats — a fun adventure where we explore all things tasty and interesting in the Charlotte food scene. We want to share stories, recipes and culinary escapades and hear about yours!

WFAEats’ Editor is Erin Sutton. Our Coordinator is Amy Rogers.

Suggestions, comments, great ideas, want to participate/contribute? Email Erin.

WFAEats is a Food Blog published by 90.7 fm WFAE, Charlotte’s NPR News Source.


3 responses to “About

  1. regina

    Can you give me an idea of where I can bring my son and a friend (both 11) to get a cooking lesson or 2 in or around the Charlotte area? Thanks!

  2. Kevin Connors

    I just wanted to let WFAEats about us. We have a retail location at the Carolina Place Mall in a kiosk in center court. We specialize in Spain. We import our own olive oils, wine vinegars, cheese and chocolate. We also have great Spanish wines but we don’t import those at this point in time. We still keep selling our founding product fresh hummus (I know ….it has nothing to do with Spain….). We also wholesale our products around the country. I think we are the only company to import a large amount of various products from Spain in North Carolina. Come by and check out our tasting station and see if you like anything! Thanks, Kevin

  3. Heather Spreen

    Is there a way to subscribe via email to WFAEats?

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