Lynn Caldwell

Lynn Caldwell is a Charlotte-area native who spent seven years in Seattle during her stint at a well-known software company.  While reinventing herself for the umpteenth time, Lynn apprenticed on an urban farm and hatched a plan to establish a farmers market in Plaza-Midwood.  The Tailgate grew rapidly during its four years in existence, until the infamous tent collapse.  In 2010 she partnered with a South End developer to introduce the indoor, year-round Atherton Market.

She is often sought after for her expertise around sourcing local food, how to eat seasonally, and what it takes to build a market from the ground up.  She serves on the CharMeck Food Policy Network, and is one of the stakeholders working to develop a food system in Charlotte.

Lynn loves to cook, read, write and work out… not necessarily in that order.

Worst food disaster: Trying to make pecan pies at Thanksgiving without egg yolks in the filling.  Not once, but twice.

Most memorable meal: Savoy in New York almost two years ago.  It was the weekend of our tenth anniversary – we were in flight to NYC on Jet Blue watching the news when the USAir plane went down in the Hudson.  Maybe I enjoyed that meal so much because I felt lucky to be alive, but I’m pretty sure that the Iberico ham was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

Restaurant I’m dying to try: Halcyon.  I hear that Executive Chef Marc Jacksina is doing amazing things in the kitchen there, and sourcing a serious amount of local food.   Check back with me on that.

Kitchen tool I can’t live without: My food processor.  I use it to make bread, veggie burgers, pizza dough, slaw, shredded cheese… you name it.

What you’ll always find in my fridge: Spicy condiments.  Sriracha, pepper sauces.   I love the flavor and the burn.

Gardening: I do, and I’d like to grow more of the food that my family eats, but my schedule right now doesn’t allow for much digging in the dirt.  I’m fortunate to have many farmer friends and vendors at the market who feed me and my family.  I’m busy composting so I can plant again in the spring.


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