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Garden Wrap-Up

Summer is over and Fall is officially here. While not everything was a success over at my little community garden plot, the basil thrived.  Never mind that I didn’t even plant basil.  Hey, if it shows up in my 10 ft. sq. plot, it’s fair game. I thought I’d share a few pictures of my successes none the less.  Not too shabby for my first time gardening if I do say so… [Keep reading ‘below the fold’ for photos and a recipe for Spinach Basil Pesto.] Continue reading



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Wine Slows Aging? Not So Fast…

It turns out you were probably right to question the claim that wine can help extend your life. We are just as disappointed as you are. From NPR’s Food Blog The Salt:

If you’ve been counting on your daily dose of merlot to stave off mortality, you might want to consider Plan B.

The links between red wine and longevity aren’t nearly as strong as they once seemed, according to new research in the journal Nature. In fact, the research calls into question the whole mechanism used to explain wine’s power to extend life.

Read or listen to the full story here.

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A Foodie In Costa Rica

My vacation this year was not spent as it often is, lounging about on a beach with a book and an icy beverage.  Instead my family spent a somewhat surreal week rafting down jungle rivers, horseback riding to waterfalls through dense forests, zip lining through tree canopies near a steamy volcano, and dining among the locals… of Costa Rica.

My foodie self could not resist immersion in the cultural cuisine and I returned home with lessons and affirmations from this emerging third world country.  Everything we ate was fresh, affordable, filling and made by hand.  No one seemed rushed, and there was little refrigeration because food was harvested often and nearby.  We ate eggs from the chickens out back, fruit from the trees in the side yard, fresh cheese from a dairy ranch within walking distance.  Dried corn was ground into meal to make the morning’s tortillas.  There was a notable scarcity, even in the hotels, of processed food.

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