Julie Mastbrook

Julie is a mother of three, a fabulous cook, and the creative genius behind the local food blog Mommie Cooks, where she details what’s for dinner-sometimes simple, sometimes grand, always delicious.

Milk chocolate or dark? The darker the better!  I love good quality chocolate.

What restaurant is Charlotte missing? Charlotte needs some authentic Tex Mex!  Having lived in Texas for six years before moving to Charlotte, I really miss good Tex Mex food.

What’s your favorite childhood food memory? Growing up in Wisconsin and having German grandparents, I remember how every Christmas they would treat us all to an authentic German feast at Mader’s in Milwaukee. I can almost taste the schnitzel and knowckwurst as I write this!

If you aren’t in the kitchen, where are you? Behind my sewing machine.  I am currently sewing Christmas pj’s for my three boys.  My next project will be aprons; a cook’s gotta look sytlish (and clean!) in the kitchen!

What’s your typical breakfast? I love a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with a little butter and jam and a cup of hot chai tea on the side.

Favorite food magazine? That would have to be Cook’s Illustrated.  I really enjoy learning about the science of food.  Understanding better not just how to cook dish, but why the dish is cooked the way it is helps me to become an overall better chef.


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