Peter Reinhart

Peter is the Chef on Assignment at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte.  This means he wears a lot of hats there, including teaching, community relations, media appearances, and good will ambassador.  He is a regular guest on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins and is the author of 8 award winning cookbooks.  Peter is currently working on his  ninth book, this one on gluten free baking, as well as a new website, Pizza Quest and at his blog.

What’s your favorite out-of-the-way place to eat in Charlotte? Thai Orchid and Muellers (for hamburgers)

What was the dish your mom made you when you were sick as a child? Chicken soup with “kreplach” (like Jewish ravioli)

What’s your favorite childhood food memory? Learning how to make Caesar salad for the first time – that was my aha culinary moment

What’s the food you hated as a kid but love today? Beets

What can you always find in your fridge? Condiments, lots of condiments – like hot sauces (at least 10 types), pickles, various mustards, and homemade preserves

Kitchen tool you can’t live without? My plastic bowl scraper

Apron? Always, any color-but it has to have strings long enough so I can wrap them around and tie them in front

What restaurant is Charlotte missing? Creative street food carts like they have in Portland and Austin and many other cities – we need them here!

Favorite Charlotte farmers’ market? Matthews, but I love them all

Bagel of choice? The ones I make myself.

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate, for sure, though I’ve recently had some pretty good milk chocolate – let’s face it, chocolate is an essential food group no matter what form it comes in.

Deep dish or NY style pizza? There is no such thing as bad pizza – only good and very good.


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