Prerna Singh

Prerna is a food photographer and blogger. She spent most of her childhood in a few small towns in central India – a time she fondly remembers for Rotis straight off the clay oven and mom’s cooking with produce plucked right from the farms. She went to business school in India to get an MBA and worked in the advertising industry for a few years. Then she met this guy who she now calls her husband, married him and moved to the US five years back. Later came this angel in their lives who has been keeping them on their toes ever since! But when she’s not running behind her then you’ll find her cooking in a tiny kitchen of her small apartment in Charlotte. “Three things made me this awesome cook (sarcasm!) that I am today” she says… “circumstances, no help and hunger!! But whatever I do in the kitchen today is because of the two moms in my life – my mom and my husband’s mom”. She loves traveling, exploring new cuisines and then trying them in her kitchen to later share them with the world. These days she’s having fun writing her blog Indian Simmer, where she is able to combine two of her biggest passions – food and photography.

What was the dish your mom made you when you were sick as a child? “Khichdi” – a simple rice and dal preparation served warm with ghee!

What’s your favorite childhood food memory? Making sweet treats before festivals with the whole family. And by that I mean, all my uncles, aunts, cousins and of course my family in the same kitchen! It was kind of a big celebration before the actual celebration.

What’s your typical breakfast? Breakfast cereal

What can you always find in your fridge? Lemons, Half n Half and a few varieties of cheese. You can do so much with these three basic ingredients. Sometimes I can go for days with just these three things in my fridge!

Favorite flavor? Anything lemon. I love it in savory dishes, in drinks, desserts or just as is!

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Oh, hands down Dark Chocolate!

Fried or Baked? Baked

Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes


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