Pamela Roberts

Pamela Roberts grew up living all over the world. Her favorite places include Tokyo, anywhere in France, Miami or South Florida and Charlotte.

Food anthropology is a topic she would love to explore around the world. “Starting with my own neighborhood, I would love to knock on everyone’s door and ask what they are having for dinner. I am fascinated by what people eat, everyone is so different!”

Pamela teaches Culinary Arts at Central Piedmont Community College and is the host of Channel 17’s “Charlotte Cooks” TV program. “I love doing the show.  People are always stopping me to ask questions. If you recognize me, please stop and say hello. I would love to hear what you are cooking.”

Pamela Roberts writes a food blog, Spoon Feast, about food adventures, recipes and good solid cooking advice.

Dubbed “The Condiment Queen” Pamela can whip up a sauce or condiment to go with just about anything. Her fridge is packed with such homemade goodies.

She tackled a challenge last summer to bake all the bread her family needs. She shares extra loaves (there are always some!) with friends and neighbors who in turn share bounty like lettuce, tomatoes and fresh herbs, sometimes a great bottle of wine.

“I wish I had a bigger oven. I love making bread. It amazes me. The dough is so alive!

When I am happy, I cook; when sad, I cook. When contemplating, I cook and when I want to have fun, I cook.”

Food I don’t understand: Pork belly: all I see is fat. Persimmons: you can actually eat that? How?

Favorite food memory: While in college at the University of Miami, we went to Bimini one weekend on Chalks Airlines. Chalks only operated hydro-planes which means they take off and land in the water. One morning the desk clerk at our hotel told us to “follow your nose” to find breakfast. We went out the door of the hotel and sniffed our way to the back door of this wonderful woman who was pulling fresh bread out of the oven, “Cinnamon raisin?” she asked, “Butter too?” and with the exchange of a mere three dollars we had this warm loaf of cinnamon raisin bread slathered with butter which we ate on the beach. It was so good! She was known for making bread for people all over the island and rightly so. This was a long time ago, in the 70’s; Bimini has drastically changed since then.

Most indispensable kitchen tool: Bowl scrapers – They come in handy so many times from cleaning the cutting board, transferring diced items and dividing dough. Great tool. Heavy duty tongs – These are like another pair of hands but heat proof.

What will you always find in your fridge? Milk, butter, half & half and lots of condiments from pickles, chutneys and mustards; mostly home made

Favorite bagel: Everything bagel with lox, cream cheese, raw red onion, capers and lemon. We used to get the best ones at the Bagel Emporium on US 1 in Coral Gables, across from the University of Miami. This was standard Sunday fare while reading the Miami Herald before hitting the beach.


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