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Herbivore Loves Carnivore

How a vegetarian and a meat-eater found love in the kitchen. Katy and Will.

What do you get when a carnivore marries an herbivore?  A little creativity and a lot of dirty dishes.

My husband, Will, and I have always enjoyed cooking together, but once I transitioned to a vegetarian (or more technically to a lacto-ovo-pescatarian – meaning, I eat fish, eggs and dairy), our meal times became more interesting.  Will always jokes that I purposely made the transition after we got married.

Although I would consider Will a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of guy, he has welcomed the idea transitioning to a ‘fish and vegetable’ guy a couple times a week.  Many nights we enjoy dishes such as mahi-mahi with vegetables and rice or garlic shrimp tacos with homemade guacamole, but other nights, when Will needs his fill of protein, we get a little creative with our entrees…

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Teaching Under the Influence… of Baked Goods

Teacher and Blogger Julie Ruble, photographing her Red Velvet Cheesecake. Photo: Todd Sumlin, Charlotte Observer

If you haven’t yet discovered Charlottean Julie Ruble’s nationally-popular blog Willow Bird Baking, you’re not the only one (despite the over half-million hits her site has garnered). We learned about her from a Charlotte Observer profile. And she should be discovered… just the photos of her Red Velvet Cheesecake make me want to skip my next ten meals so I can only eat that. Blogger is just one of her hats, she’s also a language arts teacher. She talks about baking, teaching and proper punctuation with Kathleen Purvis.

I teach, I grade papers, I bake, and I blog. And every once in a while, I sleep. Any teacher will tell you, it’s hectic.

Read the full article here.

Julie’s Blog Willow Bird Baking


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Meet Margalit

Update! Margalit is headed to New York City. She is a Finalist in the Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest. A peanut butter trophy (and scholarship) may be in her future! (Live judging happens March 18th).

Eight year old, Margalit M. of Raleigh has been cooking since she could walk and talk.  And it just might pay off.

Margalit, an aspiring sushi chef, is one of 10 finalists in the Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest. Her recipe for WuShu Chicken Tacos came to her while she and her family were waiting for Korean take-out.    Sounding like a masterful cook, Margalit described the flavors of her recipe as “pairing very well together” and, no doubt, they do.  Up for grabs is a trip to New York and a $25,000 college scholarship.

Good luck to Margalit!


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Backyard Vegetable Gardening

Gardeners Don Boekelheide (left) and David Blackley (right) on Charlotte Talks.

WFAE’s Charlotte Talks tackled vegetable gardening today. Apparently, it’s not as hard as you might think! One guest, David Blackley is a backyard gardener and owner of Renfrow’s Hardware in Matthews; he eats something from his garden every single night for dinner. He shares some of his harvest (pictured) and some of his tips with us. What should you plant and what should you eat every holiday of the year – Good Friday, Tax Day? His tips fill you in… (keep reading.)
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The Diamond Re-Opens

If you’ve been following The Diamond on Facebook or Twitter, you would think they never closed. They have been getting so much buzz online, they probably only had to unlock the door to fill the place. After closing in 2010, the Charlotte landmark reopened under new management on Friday. In the weeks to come, WFAEats will sit down with the chef and owner to find out more. Meanwhile, check out The Diamond’s website to see their menu.


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Holy Food Truck!

Holy food truck, Batman! The Holy Matrimony Wings and Pizza truck stops by WFAE.

A couple of weeks ago, the Holy Matrimony Wings and Pizza truck (aka WingzzaTruck) stopped by WFAE in the University City area. This was my first food truck experience and it was quite tasty! A confession – it did not occur to me until MUCH later that “Wingzza” stands for Wings and Pizza. And that’s what these guys do very well in a small kitchen on a truck. Keep reading to see pictures…

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Vegging Out: An Experiment

I’m an ambivalent carnivore. These days I do eat chicken, pork, seafood, and okay, the occasional incredible Brooks hamburger, but I’ve seen Food, Inc., read Michael Pollan, and understood the disconnect between the neatly-packaged chicken breasts in the grocery store and the crowded factories from which they come. I was a conscientious objector for several years in high school and college, but my vegetarianism ended when my family came to visit and took me to a nice restaurant in Newport, RI. I ordered filet mignon and haven’t totally given it up since.

Despite my inability to commit to vegetarianism, meat isn’t something I crave. When the new federal dietary guidelines recently came out, I started to think about ways I could make my diet fresher, with less preservatives and salt, and just generally healthier. The answer was clear and simple: eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat more things that come from the ground and less things that come from the can...

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