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Your Family Reunion May be Worldwide

One of the most troubling social issues is the dividing line between races and nationalities. What does it mean if we–at the most fundamental level–are really all brothers and sisters?

That is one of the riveting implications of Spencer Wells’ work. Wells is Director of the Genographic Project at the National Geographic Society.

As Wells explains in his book, Deep Ancestry, researchers are now using the human genome to track human migration over the past 60,000 years.

If you are trying to learn about the genetic revolution, or if you are a student of geneology, you might want to participate in Wells’ presentation and accompanying panel discussion here in Charlotte on Thursday, October 16th. Wells’ visit is being sponsored by our friends at UNC Charlotte’s College of Computing and Informatics.  Here’s a link to find out more:


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As long as we’ve waited for rain….

101-0172_img.jpgLet’s hope for the sake of our Hickory friends that the rain holds off a few days longer…..though we all surely need it soon. This weekend is a huge event–the Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn Golf and Spa.

The tourney will attract tens of thousands of visitors. To give you an idea of the scale, some 1,400 volunteers turn out to help produce the weeks’ worth of events.

I had the pleasure of talking to many of the 1,000 volunteers who turned out Sunday night for the Classic’s volunteer appreciation dinner. Many volunteers were interested in our news and public affairs programming. I had several people tell me they listen all the time. And we brought along our favorite break-the-ice gimmick, the “WFAE Prize Wheel”, which gives us an excuse to hand out hundreds of “fabulous gifts”…..WFAE beverage huggies, de-stress squeeze balls, logo keychains, and other such treasures.  Many thanks to WFAE’ers  Lynette Riddle and Jim Diedrich for turning out to great the volunteers. 

How neat it is that 1,400 people will donate time to prepare player hospitality packs, drive golf carts, set up displays and do whatever it takes to make a community event happen. 

By the way, the Greater Hickory Classic gets heavy coverage on “The Golf Channel”, if you can’t get to the venue in person.  

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