Health Care Decision Adds Fuel To Campaigns

Michael Bitzer

I think the Supreme Court’s decision is certainly a legal and policy win for Obama, but it may be a bigger political win for Romney.  The decision is almost certainly going to inflame the Tea Party faction of the GOP, which is determined to repeal this decision, and if Romney can tap into that anger and harness it for November, he would certainly shore up any lingering conservative doubts about his candidacy. 

For Obama, he needs to energize and mobilize his own Democratic base and point to this as his signature success, while convincing liberals that he needs their support to stop Romney and the Tea Party from undoing the policy. 

In the end, the general election’s top issue will be the economy, jobs, and unemployment, but among hard-core party activists on both sides, this may provide more fuel for engaging in a hotly contested campaign coming up.


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