Sustainable Seafood on Charlotte Talks

Michael LaVecchia brought some Outer Banks scallops with brown butter and parsley on Carolina-grown blue grits. At Charlotte Talks' Spirit Square studio.

Michael LaVecchia in his Iron Chef shirt and 'fish slinging' boots. He's the 'Chief Fish Guy & Butcher' at the Meat & Fish Co. at 7th Street Market.

America’s love for seafood is threatening some species due to over-fishing. Some fish are even ‘harvested’ from fish farms. Do you make an effort to seek out and buy sustainable fish? Wednesday, Charlotte Talks took on the subject to find out how to shop more consciously with Chef Peter Reinhart from Johnson & Wales University and Carrie Brownstein, Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator for Whole Foods. Michael LaVecchia also joined us, he’s the so-called ‘Chief Fish Guy & Butcher’ at Meat & Fish Co. at 7th Street Market. He even brought us some samples. Find out how our habits are affecting the health of the oceans and fishing populations and what questions consumers can ask to become more educated about what we’re eating.

Listen to the show.


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One response to “Sustainable Seafood on Charlotte Talks

  1. Jay Ahuja

    There’s a terrific seafood shop called Clean Catch on Selwyn Avenue in Charlotte. It’s fairly new and always has a nice selection of fresh fish. Sustainable seafood is their mission and they let customers know when, where and how the fish was caught. Their Web site is

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