Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Steven Morgan

By Steven Morgan

Steven is one of five winners of WFAEats’ Valentine’s food writing contest. We asked our readers to describe their most memorable Valentine’s dinner. We’ll be posting all five winning entries this week.

I was 28 and had a friend who was around 70, Jacque.  I was formerly a partner in a business venture that employed a man, Eric, who lived in a motel.  I had not seen him in over a year when Jacque told me that he was now homeless (she worked at the shelter where he had been). Last Valentines Day was also his birthday (68?) and we took him out.  More than anything he wanted to go to Ryan’s buffet.   She picked him up and we met there for dinner.  He was so excited.  There I was, a single 28 year old guy with an 70 year old woman and an old homeless man on Valentines Day; and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

After, I took him to the place where he was living, it was a room in a local recycling business.  He asked me to come in; he wanted to show it to me.  He slept in an old recliner and was so proud of the room.  He had cut out pictures of tigers from recycled magazines he found and posted them on the walls.

Later, I could not stop thinking that we all had given each other the best Valentines Day that each of us had ever had.

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3 responses to “Best Valentine’s Day Ever

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  2. Andrew Lichtenhan

    One dinner was very memorable in particular. I took a girlfriend out to a local Italian restaurant in town, and I happen to have a friend from school who waited tables there as well. He was a very devilish prankster who loved to get harmless stirs out of situations.

    He left me out of the scheme lucky, allowing my date and I to enjoy his festive foolishness and laugh arousing. As he waited the tables that evening, he made sure to look on the fingers of all the ladies there with a date, and made his targets the ones to which no band was present. He would then bring the couple a complimentary glass of champagne each, and placed a fake ring in each of the women’s drinks. We witnessed the thunderous joy of the woman, and the devastation of the “oh no that did not just happen” look on the man’s faces. This happened 5 or 6 times while we were dining that evening, and each one was just as humorous to watch.

    Later I found my friend to have pranked nearly a dozen couples that evening. Somehow despite the prank, one couple actually got married from the ordeal. Much to say it was the most humor filled and to date memorable Valentine’s day yet.

  3. Erin Sutton

    Andrew, that is hilarious!! I can only imagine the reactions of the men. Thanks for sharing.

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