Love Sushi?

Quintessentially American? The Cowfish restaurant on Sharon Road features "burgushi," a culinary fusion of burgers and sushi.

Sushi has really taken off in recent years as we meat-and-potatoes Americans develop more adventurous tastes. The monthly food show on Charlotte Talks tackled the trend on Friday. Host Mike Collins and Chef-on-Assignment at Johnson & Wales, Peter Reinhart navigated the vast and varied world of sushi. They were joined by the Executive Chef at The Cowfish – a restaurant by SouthPark Mall that specializes in sushi and burgers and even merges the two to form “burgushi.”

Listen to the show here or download the podcast.

Charlotte Talks host Mike Collins eating a sushi roll with raw fish live on the show. He said he wouldn't do it!


Sushi isn't always raw - the word technically means "seasoned rice." Some of the goodies from Cowfish and Hissho Sushi in WFAE's Spirit Square studio in uptown Charlotte.


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