Grilling ‘Outside The Box’

Charlotte Talks host Mike Collins interviews Chef Paul Malcolm while grilling out at WFAE's 30th Anniversary party.

Getting bored with your grilling routine? Charlotte Talks has some ideas to spice up your outdoor cooking regimen. Mike Collins and a panel of grilling and smoking experts cooked out and taped a show at WFAE’s 30th Anniversary party on Friday in front of a hungry audience. Chefs Peter Reinhart and Paul Malcolm along with barbecue expert Dan Huntley aka “Dan the Pig Man” and amateur griller Scott Graf cooked up a variety of grilled delicacies. Peter grilled a pizza on a charcoal grill; we had grilled sweet potatoes, onions and apples. Scott smoked some bologna, Dan cooked up some “armadillo eggs” – not what you think, and a whole lot more.
Listen to the show.

Johnson & Wales Chef-on-Assignment Peter Reinhart grills a pizza on a charcoal grill.

WFAE's Scott Graf's famous smoked bologna.

Dan Huntley's "Armadillo Eggs." Jalapeno stuffed with mozzarella and covered in pork sausage, grilled.

We had a great crowd out at our studios at University Place.


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