You’re Doing It Wrong

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The New York Times says you are making your biscuits wrong. Of course, if you bake biscuits, it’s highly likely you have heard this before. After all, everyone has their own way – especially when they come from different parts of the country or the world. From Sam Sifton of The New York Times:

You need to make them right or not make them at all, and most people will tell you most of the time that however you are making biscuits, you are making them wrong. This is true especially if you are not from the South or if you are from England, where biscuits are hard and dry and sit on the dividing line between cookie and cracker.

Whether you take the advice or leave it, The Charlotte Observer’s own Kathleen Purvis says “most of biscuit success is in how gently you handle the dough, and that’s just practice.” Easy enough. Or is it?

Read the Times article here.


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One response to “You’re Doing It Wrong

  1. Bryan

    The NY Times telling people how to make biscuits?

    Remember the Pace Picante sauce ads?
    “New York City!?”


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