Food Trucks On Charlotte Talks

Photo Courtesy: Jolie Myers/Marketplace

Got a hankerin’ for some fast food? No, not that kind… food trucks are making it big here and across the country. Serving everything from hot dogs to gourmet fare, you can find just about anything from these kitchens-on-wheels. Charlotte has been slightly behind, with food truck scenes booming in cities like Portland, L.A. and New York, of course. But we’re catching up, with events like Chow Down Uptown – food truck rallies held in uptown Charlotte. The next one is slated for July 21st on 7th Street. Catch up on the food truck scene in our fair city with a quick listen to this Charlotte Talks show on the subject. We spoke with regular radio foodie Peter Reinhart, Chef-on-Assignment at Johnson and Wales, along with Heather Shouse, the author of Food Truck: Recipes and Dispatches From the Best Kitchens On Wheels. Listen to the show here or download the podcast.

CNN  |  Can a food truck change a neighborhood [features Charlotte and Chow Down Uptown]

Charlotte Food Trucks on Twitter:
(many trucks tweet their location so you know where to find them)



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5 responses to “Food Trucks On Charlotte Talks

  1. Yesterday’s show on food trucks was the culmination of two years of “here’s the next big thing” forecasting on Charlotte Talks. We’ve been having fun predicting these next big things and have a pretty good track record (the whole grain revolution, small plate foods, micro breweries, the growth of farm markets and farm to table restaurants, and others). But I think this is one of the most important trends of them all, one that could have tremendous impact in helping Charlotte find its cultural-culinary voice — something we’ve been in search of for a number of years. We have a tremendous wealth of ethnic diversity and young, talented cooks who just need a way to get their food out there where it and they can get discovered. The biggest impact food trucks have on communities is unlocking a cross cultural creative fusion (the Korean Taco trucks in many cities are a great example of this), and one that is specific and organic to each city. I foresee some great taco fusions here in the future, for example, melding our growing Latino, East Asian, and Indian communities with the rapidly expanding local agricultural scene. Great ingredients plus talented cooks leads to all sorts of unforeseen rewards for all of us–these folks simply need a viable way to get launched. Food trucks are the logical incubators. For those who want to pursue it, remember what Lynn Lathan, our local health supervisor said on the show: contact them first and they’ll help you get past the inspection hurdles. Now, if the city leaders will do their part, and I think they are beginning to do so, to help create the proper venues and hash out the issues that also protect our existing brick and mortar restaurants, we should soon see some very exciting culinary manifestations that will unveil and reflect back to all of us Charlotte’s distinctive cultural identity. Peter Reinhart

    • Kyle

      I really enjoyed listening to the show and now my entire family is excited about food trucks! Just one question – the blog mentioned the next even is scheduled for July 21st, but the only information I can find is for the May 19th event. Can you confirm there will be one on 7/21 at the same location and time?

      • My understanding is that it will be at the same location, on 7th St, between 5 and 10 PM. But check with Charlotte Center City Partners for true confirmation. ( ). Should be a lot of fun!

      • Erin Sutton

        I also could not find any hard information online. A lot of these trucks use twitter to update customers of their locations and hours, that’s how I found out about Chow Down Uptown. I posted a list of food truck twitter accounts. The first one has good general info @cltfoodtrucks. Here’s a recent tweet: “Mark your calendars: July 21 & August 18 for the next two food truck rallies. Please help us spread the word!” And it looks like they are always by the 7th street light rail station from 5-9pm, BYOB with music. I hope this helps, sorry I don’t have anything a little more concrete!

      • Kyle

        Very good. Thank you! I’ve marked July 21 on my calendar and the kids are excited about the food!

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