Teaching Under the Influence… of Baked Goods

Teacher and Blogger Julie Ruble, photographing her Red Velvet Cheesecake. Photo: Todd Sumlin, Charlotte Observer

If you haven’t yet discovered Charlottean Julie Ruble’s nationally-popular blog Willow Bird Baking, you’re not the only one (despite the over half-million hits her site has garnered). We learned about her from a Charlotte Observer profile. And she should be discovered… just the photos of her Red Velvet Cheesecake make me want to skip my next ten meals so I can only eat that. Blogger is just one of her hats, she’s also a language arts teacher. She talks about baking, teaching and proper punctuation with Kathleen Purvis.

I teach, I grade papers, I bake, and I blog. And every once in a while, I sleep. Any teacher will tell you, it’s hectic.

Read the full article here.

Julie’s Blog Willow Bird Baking



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2 responses to “Teaching Under the Influence… of Baked Goods

  1. I found out about her and her blog on Foodbuzz contest and have followed her since then! She is a natural baker and I love the artwork she does with decorating and baking! I am sure she will be up there with the Pioneer Woman soon! Good luck Julie!

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