The Diamond Re-Opens

If you’ve been following The Diamond on Facebook or Twitter, you would think they never closed. They have been getting so much buzz online, they probably only had to unlock the door to fill the place. After closing in 2010, the Charlotte landmark reopened under new management on Friday. In the weeks to come, WFAEats will sit down with the chef and owner to find out more. Meanwhile, check out The Diamond’s website to see their menu.



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2 responses to “The Diamond Re-Opens

  1. Catherine Little

    Just talking ’bout the Diamond’s Fried Chicken yesterday with the folks at LEAP Design–neighbors of the Diamond. So glad they haven’t lost their great food and neighborhood appeal. Want to hear more from their regulars–

  2. charlottevegan

    When you guest talk to the folks from Diamond, would you enquire about their vegan options. Looks like they have some vegan menu items, but not sure about sides, and kitchen practices. if this is in fact a vegan-friendly place, I bet they will have a huge crowd!

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