Charlotte Restaurant Update

A panel of restaurant writers joined Mike Collins on Charlotte Talks to look back and look ahead at Charlotte’s dining scene. How are your favorite restaurants faring in the recovery? What’s closed? What’s new and what’s coming? Listen back to the show.

2010 was a difficult year for individuals and businesses alike and the restaurant industry is no exception. Still, many restaurants survived and new ones opened up regularly. Our panel of food writers is back to look at how restaurants fared in 2010 and some new eateries to look forward to in 2011. They will also share their usual list of favorite restaurants, new discoveries and industry news.
Helen Schwab
– Food Writer, Charlotte Observer
Patricia Childress – Food Writer/Editor, Creative Loafing
Heidi Billotto – Food Writer, Charlotte Living Magazine (Heidi’s Blog)

Continue for a list of restaurants mentioned during the show…



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9 responses to “Charlotte Restaurant Update

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  2. Looking forward to this talk!

  3. Bobby

    I listened to this on the way in to my office. I am so glad you included a list of the restaurants mentioned as I was really racking my brain trying to remember them (especially the authentic Asian restaurants). Thanks!

  4. Thanks for today’s great panel and for including some of my favorite restaurants featuring locally sourced food. Also, thought I heard Cyros mentioned for sushi (I love that place), but didn’t see it in the list above.

  5. Great list. You have some of my favorites in there. Also, I would like to add to the list, Erin’s Restaurant in Rock Hill, SC for opening her business with a different approach (European style family dinners with local and organic food) in the middle of the tough times and still going strong. We enjoy going there!

  6. Great program! How do I get a job as a food critic/writer??

    Thanks also for providing the links with each listing. I’m so glad to see Blue Taj on the list… great food & attentive service!

  7. Denise Evans

    I personally love the Sunflour Baking Company! It’s hard not to visit weekly because they are always featuring new items! The croissants are amazing! I’ve been to quite a few European cities and small towns and can’t believe that this local Charlotte bakery comes so close to and truthfully, from what I remember, beats any croissant I have ever tried! I definitely recommend that you stop by if your ever in Charlotte or are a local resident!

  8. Gary McCoy

    Your link for Bistro La Bon is broken.

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