With a Little Luck and a Truck… The Story of One Charlotte Food Truck

The Holy Matrimony (aka Wingzza) Food Truck "marries" pizza and wings.

The Wingzza Food Truck will be at WFAE’s studios (in the University City area) on Friday, January 28th from 11-2pm. If you’re in the area, stop by!

Larry Swayne has turned a problem into a business.

“My two favorite kinds of food are wings and pizza but I could never go to just one place to get the best wings and the best pizza, I always ended up going to two places,” said the 29-year-old food entrepreneur. “So that was my inspiration for my food truck business – to have one place that customers could find both the best pizza and the best wings.”

Thus begun Holy Matrimony, (aka The Wingzza Truck) one of Charlotte’s newest food trucks.

Larry, and his banker wife, Robyn, began their business in October.

“So far we’ve had a good response from customers, there’s not that many food trucks in Charlotte,” said Larry, a former marketing consultant.

He said he considered opening a restaurant but with the downturn in the economy and with the growing popularity of food trucks in larger urban markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and New York, he decided on a food truck. He also caters at business functions and family gatherings.

“The cost of a brick and mortar establishment was just too much to handle at the present time, plus, I think our customers like it better showing up on the street corners with the same high quality, hot food of a restaurant,” he said.

He bought a Chevrolet P30 box van and outfitted it himself with a deep-fryer and pizza oven. The model is similar to the food trucks on the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.

“Our wings are fried, not baked and we do the whole thing with the pizza – stretch the dough by hand, sauce it, top it and throw it in the oven,” he said.

He primarily works weekday lunches downtown – near Johnson & Wales, North Davidson, South End, Mint Street. Last week he worked the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

Larry keeps in touch with his customers via his Facebook and Twitter accounts, to let them know of his location each day.

“It’s an amazing resource that I can change or update at a moment’s notice. And this way we can serve different areas of the city at different times of the week,” says Larry, noting that his customers range from college students, cops and business people, all  looking for a quick lunch on the street.

Larry says it has been a challenge dealing with health department regulations, city zoning and private property owners.

“But it hasn’t been that bad, food trucks are still relatively new to Charlotte and it’s getting better as I better learn the rules and getting the right permits,” he said.

Larry generally talks to a local property owner about setting up his truck or simply parks on the street and sticks his money in the parking meter.

“If you look at other large cities, you’ll see that the food trucks are generally well-received. It adds excitement on the street and makes for a more vibrant, fun eating spots.”

Holy Matrimony’s prices are relatively cheap – 6 wings for about $4 and a slice of pizza for about $4. He offers mild, medium and hot wings in 6 flavors, such as spicy bbq, and Carolina Buffalo. He also offers a flavor special such as a Maryland Crab made with Old Bay spice. He offers pizza toppings such as pepperoni, chicken, sausage, onions, green pepper and mushrooms. They also have fries, slaw and soft drinks.

Want to know more? Call 704-737-1040 or find them on Twitter and Facebook





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7 responses to “With a Little Luck and a Truck… The Story of One Charlotte Food Truck

  1. Man, I wish we had food trucks in Gastonia! I don’t drive, so once my husband drops me off at work, I’m stuck. There is nothing much within walking distance of my job, and my office building doesn’t have anything other than a microwave and a soda machine. I think our bosses would welcome a food truck camped out in our parking lot!

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  3. Ericka

    Love the food truck! Larry is friendly and easy to reach (he even accepts orders via Twitter!!!).


  5. To support mobile food vendors in their fight to change a Charlotte city ordinance that has put many food vendors out work, go to actionnc.org and sign the petition. It’s on the right-hand sidebar. Also check out the press link for more coverage and the blog link for updated info. To get involved in the campaign, contact us at 704-625-4050.

  6. To follow us on facebook, look for Mobile Food Vendors Association.

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