Snow Cream = Childhood

Happy Snow Day everyone! As the snow continues to fall in the first huge storm of 2011, I’m looking forward to enjoying some snow cream. Perhaps the only weather-related dessert I know of! It may freak some people out to eat something that falls from the sky, but for me the stuff is a direct line to childhood. Monitoring the temperature the night before to ensure it stays below freezing, waking up early to watch the school closings scroll, “come on Charlotte Mecklenburg…” to frolicking in the snow and rejoicing one of the few pure joys we enjoy as children – snow days! My mom used to make snow cream and when I have it as an adult, that simple taste of snow, sugar, milk and vanilla transports me straight back to those days. Long live snow cream and long live snow-induced childhood!


* Clean snow is a must. It’s best to put a bowl out and let it collect so you’re sure to have the best, cleanest snow possible. But, if you haven’t planned ahead, you’re probably okay to just grab some off the top (especially given that there’s just so much of it this go around.)

* I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that you want only the WHITE snow. (Sorry, I had to…)

* I just use straight up sugar, milk and vanilla extract. I have also seen recipes call for sweetened condensed milk instead of the milk and sugar; like this one from Paula Deen.

* Mix it all up in a nice cool bowl, preferably metal and you’re good to go! Enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall.


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