What will get your vote, your goat?

Company’s coming, and they’ve brought along scads of TV crews, miles of bunting, and a bundle of focus-grouped  “talking points”.


Hold on for the May 6th Presidential Primary here in North Carolina.


It was supposed to be all over by now, except for ordering of the liquor for the hospitality suites at the national political conventions.  But on the Democratic side, as of this blog entry, Senators Clinton and Obama are viewing our primary has perhaps the end game.


It’s surely been a topic at recent WFAE planning meetings. What stories can we tell that will be distinct from the reports by NPR, other public radio producers, and everybody else? 


What topic would you like to hear Senators Clinton and Obama tackle?  What would it take to win your vote?


If you go to WFAE.ORG, and look at the left-hand column, you’ll see a collection of on-line resources, many of them courtesy of NPR.


One interactive feature lets you  say what it would take to get your vote (within legal constraints, of course).  Click on the link below to try it:




So, whom are you voting for, and whom are you betting on, when the May 6th contest arrives?  Please blog back and let me know. 





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One response to “What will get your vote, your goat?

  1. I think there is way too much focus on this political race. Not that we shouldn’t be concerned about politics but it should start on the local level. These people have a bit more influence on our daily lives and I don’t feel that most of us know that much about them.

    Some of that is our fault, we as citizens are not doing our homework. I wonder how many of us can name our city and state representatives?

    As for the Presidential race there doesn’t seem to be a lot of substance. It’s not enough to recognize the problems that need attention. What I want to know is what are the candidates going to do about the problems. If they feel that there is nothing the President can or should do, then they should have the honesty and guts to say so.

    The issues for a typical blue collar Charlotte resident might include:

    The high cost of fuel and how it’s feeding inflation, the cost of everything else is going up to compensate for higher fuel prices.

    The downsizing of our workforce to satisfy shareholders. There doesn’t seem to be much job security in any field. Jobs are outsourced with no concern for people living in this country.

    Crime which is growing with inflation and unemployment.

    The high cost of medical care. One hospital stay can bankrupt the average worker even if they are fortunate to be covered by insurance.

    Integrity, of the three candidates I have concerns about all of them.

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