A Time Tested Tale of Holiday De-Stress

Einstein was right. Time gets faster or slower, depending on your observation post. If your observation post is at the shopping mall, then December is passing by at warp speed.


If Christmas seems like a heap of work followed by disappointment and a pile of January credit card bills, you might get a fresh perspective from a book that’s been around since the 1980’s.


It’s called UNPLUG THE CHRISTMAST MACHINE. The authors encourage us to examine our attitudes and traditions around the Christmas-New Year holidays. Find the things that mean the most to you, given your current life situation. Put the other traditions (and guilt-inducing habits) on the back burner.


Here’s how to find the book, which is modestly priced.  Start at our web site, WFAE.ORG.   Paste in this link:



 If you choose to get the book shipped “urgent, overnight”….well, maybe you’d better order two copies.


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