What Makes Charlotte Special? The Heat, and….

We have all been taking a beating with the heat at record or near-record levels. Rain would be great, if we get by without powerful storms.


We can think about all the factors that have led to Charlotte’s prosperity in the last generation. We can talk about the banking economy, migration trends to coastal areas. Certainly one of the most utilitarian factors is the growth of….central air conditioning.


What are the other factors?  Tom Hanchett, the star historian at the Levine Museum of the New South, addressed them in a recent Charlotte Talks show. Tom brought answers to his Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions About Charlotte.


It’s great fun listening.  Here’s the link:



During the show, Tom mentions a great web site by the public library system, which tells you all about the Charlotte/Mecklenburg story.  Here’s that site:



Maybe a fun oral history lesson will take your mind off the heat.



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