Stars in the Sewer

We at WFAE have a passion for accuracy in our programming. So it’s time for me to correct a grievous error in NPR’s report this morning on New York City’s Sewage Treatment Olympics. According to the story, sewer workers are unsung heroes since there are “…no prime time TV shows set in the waste treatment plants or sewers of New York.”

Excuse me. Think a moment. Especially if you’re age 50 or over. What about our national hero, Ed Norton? The Sage of the Sewers? Ed was the sidekick to Ralph Cramdon on the icononic TV sitcom, “The Honeymooners”.  Ed is the guy who taught us that life going down the tubes can be downright admirable. A tip of the hat to WFAE membership staffer Bryan Talbott, a 30-something who knew the answer to this trivia question instantly. This may indicate that Bryan spent far too much time watching TV-Land on cable during his college days. Dear Reader, do YOU remember Ralph and Alice and Ed and What’s-Her-Name?  If so, from the original run or from the retro broadcasts?



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2 responses to “Stars in the Sewer

  1. Bryan Talbott

    I was actually introduced to “The Honeymooners” as a young kid at my great grandmother’s house in Wilson, NC.
    She had one of those huge console tv sets that took some time for the tube to warm up before you could get a picture. Of course she had no cable and no remote control. You had to get up and turn the dial to get to a different channel.
    This is one of my best “when I was coming along” stories. You know the stories… like when someone older than you would tell you they had to walk barefoot to school in the snow up hill both ways. 🙂

  2. Mom

    A great memory, Bryan … we miss Mama Mae.

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