Putting a face to the place–and a voice

Why is Charlotte such a special place? We don’t have our own mountains. We borrow the seacoast from our friends to the east. Historic preservation, according to some wags, is letting a building stand till its 15th anniversary (anybody in the market for a slightly used coliseum?).

Lest we get cynical on this Monday, I submit that Charlotte IS a special place. Our news staffers are trying to describe that special sense of place their ongoing feature series, “IPO Charlotte”. You can hear reports, read some background, and write your own comments and reactions.  Just look for the “IPO Charlotte”button, which lives in the Web site box right above this blog, here on WFAE.ORG.   

So as you ponder the important things in life this April, what does Charlotte mean to you? 



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2 responses to “Putting a face to the place–and a voice

  1. Hello! Greetings from a WFAE listener in Hendersonville (I don’t like the Ashville NRP station; too snooty 🙂 I am happy to find your blog! I’d love to subscribe; perhaps you should think about enabling that either through e-mail or an RSS feed–preferably the latter!


    Renae Gregoire

  2. Welcome Renae,

    Thanks for your suggestion about RSS. I’d overlooked that when we started the blog, but have added an RSS feed for both entries and comments.
    Hope you’ll join us here often.

    Jennifer Lang
    Web Producer, WFAE

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