Just how has Charlotte changed its ways?

I have a question for you:  Has our community really changed its social norms since its growth spurt in the past 20 years?  If so, can you be specific about the changes?

 We hear a lot of debate about that point–Charlotte is/isn’t fundamentally different than a generation ago.  But often times those terms aren’t very well defined.

Our news staff will be airing comments from several veteran Charlotteans on this point during this week’s “IPO Charlotte” segment.  Be listening during Thursday’s “Morning Edition”.  Check out the right-hand side of our Home Page for more details on this.

One of the traditions I noticed right away, 19 years ago when I moved to town, was willingness of strangers to hold a door open for another stranger. You don’t see folks rushing to be the first through that door. It’s a 5-second way of acknowledging the presence of the other person.  A 5-second way of showing respect.

On occasion I have seen this taken to extremes–two strangers locked in a dance around the theme, “No, you go first.”   But all in all, it’s a nice, humanizing touch.

What do YOU think about Charlotte, and what  changes have you noticed? 



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3 responses to “Just how has Charlotte changed its ways?

  1. Charles

    I have only been here 6 years, but has Charlotte always lacked an appreciation and preservation of it’s history? I’m amazed at how city leaders allow developers to have their way, demolish old, funky, significant facilities (SPIRIT SQUARE!) in exchange for bright, new, shiny things.

  2. Roger


    I’m not a native, but I have been here since 1988, so 19 years, thus nearly a generation. This has been an ongoing theme, with a bit of progress, but just a bit. I would frame the debate as, how do we have a vibrant city, with all the modern attractions and brisk tourism, while preserving our built history and our sense of place?

    That’s why you see such a ruckus these days about demolishing the Coffee Cup restaurant. It’s not exactly a beautiful edifice but:
    1. The Coffee Cup represents a grass-roots venue where different classes and races have rubbed elbows over the years.
    2. Try the Coffee Cup’s candied yams. They are a slice of heaven served in sugar syrup.

    Anybody out there in WFAE-land have Coffee Cup stories? I don’t pretend to be an expert on this–I’m a newbie.


  3. Charles

    here’s another example of what I was talking about last week…



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