Is it ever Spring.
My vehicle is so coated with pollen it looks upholstered in yellow suede.
I switched my A/C system directly from “heat” to “cool”. No middle ground.
The WFAE fund drive is in the history books. Blessedly it was a big success. Thanks if you pledged (if not….don’t you THINK it’s time?)
It was great today to hear from an old (old) WFAE fan, Jack Dillard. Back in the days before pen and paper, Jack worked with Jim Laseter in one of our Queen City’s premiere advertising agencies. Jack was in on many WFAE community events of the day.
Jack wrote to tell us he’s a finalist in Garrison Keillor’s national poetry contest on the air this weekend. We wish Jack all the best.
Here’s an excerpt from Jack’s entry:
Spring Onions
A wild spring onion first appeared last Tuesday in my lawn.
I cranked up my Weedwhacker. With one whack, it was gone.
With no small satisfaction, I then surveyed the yard.
To get it so immaculate, I’d worked both long and hard.
The next day it was back again, that wild and wispy weed.
I admired its persistence and reluctance to concede…
We’ll let you ponder over the weekend who won the battle. Man or weed?


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